The type of music played at your event is totally up to you. Maybe you are looking for Retro 80's sound, or a 90's Dance Vibe, or the chest thumping sound of an EDM party, or you may just want a good mix of fun music playing in the background.

You can keep it simple and choose random mixes from a specific decade or delve a little deeper and choose from specific genres.

It's your event, so it's totally up to you.


You can build your event around a specific decade or two or three or whatever number you want, is a great way everybody or every age hears something they can sing along too. We've got all the fun songs from the 1960's up until today.


Maybe your event has a specific theme like a Studio 54 party or you are looking to create more of a dance club vibe. Each song is placed into a specific genre. Check out our genre list and see a couple of examples from each category.